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The Voice Collective is an inclusive vocal community that creates a brave space for singers, where your voice is always heard and encouraged. 

We will push you to your limits, force you to fail, and be your biggest cheerleader as you learn how to harness the power of your voice.

Our experience, coupled with our desire to help singers achieve their goals, will make sure you get the training that lets you shine in the spotlight.

We love singers because we are singers.


We know the thrill, excitement, and jitters that comes along when you perform live on stage. Our teachers have decades of combined experience in the theatre industry that has helped shape our teaching. We love supporting singers on their journey because we know how tough it is. And we're still on the journey with you because many of our teacher are still actively performing, directing and music directing around the country and the world.

At the Voice Collective, we love to focus on what things make you special. The things that make you uniquely equipped to tell the stories that you want to tell. We customize every session to focus on getting you the results you need in order to achieve your definition of success. 

Which singer do you sound like?


Are you the musical theater kid who can't stop belting The Current Hot Musical at the top of your lungs?


Or are you a singer/songwriter looking for support as you write your EP?

Maybe you're not sure where you fit in musically and are looking to explore and gain confidence? 

No matter who you are, there is a teacher at the voice collective who wants to help you achieve your specific, unique goals. 

Are you ready to take center stage?

Drop us a line so we can get to know you better!


More heads is better than one.  


Our combined knowledge and expertise means that you get an incredibly well rounded vocal education focused on developing all of the skills you need (not just your singing voice) to be successful in this industry. 

Our clients stick with us for the long haul because we help them get the results that keep them in the spotlight. Our clients stick with us for the long haul and we have many veteran members who have been with us for many years! 

You'll see voice collective members performing with Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Circle Theatre, Actors Theatre, Farmers Alley, Hope Summer Rep, and more. 

Several studio alumni have gone on to study music at top programs around the country including the University of Michigan, Belmont University, AMDA, Berklee, Western Connecticut State, Shenandoah, Carnegie Mellon, Baldwin Wallace, and Roosevelt University.


A number of pre-professional alumni have moved to larger cities to audition and perform professionally.

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