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Each semester, we provide our members with opportunities to perform, learn from experts outside the studio, explore new genres, and connect with one another. Check out our upcoming events below! 

Gender in the Voice Studio

June 24th, 5pm @ GRVC Studios

  • Come learn how you can experiment with sound! Matty & Josh will lead us through an exploration of the different ways we can utilize the many facets of the voice to allow us to express the most authentic version of ourselves! 

  • This workshop will be geared towards performers & educators alike; let's all learn together!

  • GRVC is offering this workshop to our community FREE OF CHARGE; if you would like to tip GRVC, all tips will be donated to The Grand Rapids Trans Foundation.


Mock Auditions

July 18th, 6:30pm @ GRVC Studios

  • Tired of feeling nervous and uncomfortable walking into your audition? Come let us help! You'll get 15 minutes with an accompanist and GRVC educators to have a mock audition, receive verbal & written feedback, and leave feeling SO much more confident in your abilities to represent yourself and show the production team all you have to offer.

  • REGISTER HERE! (Already a studio member? Ask your teacher for the registration code - this workshop is included in your tuition!)

Back to School Bash!

August 18th, 6:30pm 

  • We're celebrating the end of summer with - you guessed it - music! Come show off all the new skills you've been gaining all summer!

  • If you've been thinking about joining the studio, come check out GRVC, meet our teachers, and hear what our singers have to say about working with us. We'd love to meet you and show you what we're all about! 

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