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Vocal Improv Workshop
Feb. 24th, 6:30pm
The Mortals Cafe

Come learn how the beginning steps to vocal improv - whether you want to create amazing riffs, noodle at your piano and find new melodies, or learn to harmonize freely, this 90-minute workshop is lead by Rachel Gerson, our incomparable improv specialist! 

Register Below!

You'll notice that we are offering this workshop with tiered pricing - what does that mean?

It means you can participate in this workshop by choosing the price point that works best for you. 

Why are we offering this?

At GRVC, we know that affordability in arts training can be a HUGE closed door for many folx, and we are committed to creating accessible arts for all. By offering tiered pricing, we hope to reduce the barrier to entry for our GR community members to come & learn with us! 

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