Practice-A-Thon to Benefit Wealthy Theatre

Grand Rapids Voice Collective singers are raising their voices and pledging their practice hours to support Wealthy Theatre. Between September 14 and November 1, singers are logging their practice time and asking friends, family, teachers, and community members for their support. Our goal is to donate $2500 to support one of our favorite neighborhood theatres.

You can pledge $1, $3, $5, $10/ hour or a flat donation of your choosing. Our singers aim to practice between 25 and 40 hours total. If you're interested in pledging your support to the studio as a whole or an individual singer, navigate over to our fundraiser on by clicking here.

Did you know that live events are an $887-Billion industry and 95% of events have been canceled due to the pandemic?

While theatres can reopen in Michigan on October 9th, the long term consequences of a 7 month shut down loom heavy for small independent music venues.

On September 1st, the #redalertrestart campaign brought much needed awareness to the long road ahead that most performers, venues, and other music professionals face. If you're interested in learning more and using your voice to support the people who make events, consider writing your local or national congress person. You can get more information by visiting,, and We thank you for your support of the arts and the people who make events.

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