Let's talk about college (Part IV): Beyond the Top 25

So you’re trying to figure out what schools to apply for in the fall - chances are good you’ve probably typed ‘top musical theater programs’ (or something like that) into your search bar, and you’ve seen the same 25 schools pop up over & over. And over. Maybe you’re planning on applying to a few of these top tier programs – that’s awesome! You probably should do that! Or maybe you’ve assessed your skills with your teacher(s) and just don’t think one of those so-called ‘top-tier’ schools fits you. Now what?

My hope today is to highlight just a few of many wonderful programs across the country that may not have made those ‘top-tier’ lists you found in your previous Google searches. These programs that may not have name-brand recognition (yet), but they produce top-notch performers who graduate and get hired. Let’s find out what makes them such great programs, and why they might be the school for you.

Remember, there’s no such thing as the “best” program: it’s about finding the program that’s best for you. Ultimately, no program will turn you into the Broadway superstar you’ve always dreamed of being – you have to dedicate yourself to building your skills, networking, and working your butt off. These programs just facilitate that growth.

This list is just our select favorites - there are SO many more programs that are providing wonderful training and producing fantastic artists. Didn't see a program you think should be on our list? Comment below and tell us about it!

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