Pronouns: she/her

Favorite Musical: 42nd Street 
Dream Role: Charity Hope Valentine in Sweet Charity
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In lessons, we go beyond vocal technique to get at the heart of who you really are. What makes you unique is what makes you a great singer, storyteller, and artist. I strive to know each of my students on a personal basis because you are more than a voice; you are a person with diverse interests, goals, and priorities.  In the studio, we cultivate these differences and showcase everything that makes you awesome. ​


One of my areas of focus with GRVC is helping folx get to the next phase in their journey. My brain is living 3-5 years in the future at all times and I love to help people figure out how to plot their unique course to success. Whether you're looking to move to a big city, audition for top tier BFA programs, or begin auditioning for professional opportunities, I love to help singers gain clarity on all aspects of their trajectory. 

Another area of passion is working with dancers. I grew up a bunhead in ballet class Monday - Thursday plus weekends from age 10-17. I decided to study music in college because I was terrified of singing in front of other people (yes you read that correctly). My path took me to opera and now back to musical theatre and I'm rekindling my love of dance after 10+ years away. I understand the nuanced approach that is needed when working with high level musical theatre performers who are singing and dancing simultaneously. I am able to connect my own firsthand experience as a dancer back to my knowledge and expertise as a professional voice teacher to help performers feel confident in these demanding roles. I look forward to helping fellow singing dancers (or dancing singers) develop skills to sustain them during their performances.

I am a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and a member of the SpeakEasy Cooperative where I was a charter member. 

You can find me on TikTok and Instagram @VintageVoiceTeacher